8 August 2008

Book Review All the Voices of the Wind by Donald James Parker

Book 3 of the Masterson Family Series - For Jeremy, a high school senior growing up near Seattle, there are five seasons: rainy, dry, football, basketball, and baseball season. Jeremy`s world has always revolved around his father and sports. Now there is a new Heavenly body in town whose gravity is pulling Jeremy away from the orbit around his dad. Maria Masterson, the new girl in school, is on a mission to make her voice heard in the debate over the theory that man evolved from lower life forms. Jeremy`s father adamantly believes in Charles Darwin`s theory. Who will win the tug of war over Jeremy`s heart and mind?
Another good book. At the beginning of this book Jeremy sees a new girl in the hall and wants to get to know her more. When they finally meet Jeremy learns Maria is on a mission to have at least a disclaimer saying Darwin's Theory is just that at theory, not fact. This book has a lot of fact from actual books on this debate. I enjoyed the story and while at times it was a lot to take in I found I wanted to read more. Jeremy reads a lot of books against Darwin's Theory and even some for it, seeking the truth. He joins Marie in her quest to at least have a debate over the theory. I found this book very informative and I admit at times it was hard reading in the regard that it had a lot of fact and this makes you think when reading. (This is what it does for me) but it was well worth the read. I really appreciated the outcome, I was quite surprised. This is a subject that needs to be talked about and debated if we want our school children to understand evolution is a theory not fact. This is a great book with lots of information on the subject.
5 out of 5 for this book.
I'm am looking forward to reading the next book shortly.


Carla Capshaw said...

Hi Jenny,

I love series books and this one sounds really good. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :-)

Naomi said...

Good review Jenny. It certainly is a subject we all need to be more familiar with.

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