26 February 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Ok I couldn't resist. Today is my birthday and I feel like doing something. I am going out to lunch Friday with some friends. One comes from a town 1 hour away and its her birthday next week. But today I feel like celebrating with my online friends (sorry cant share my 3 blocks of chocolate) but will think of you as I enjoy them.
Not sure what else to do yet but I did get some more books. Ok enough from me.


donna fleisher said...


Ausjenny said...

Thanks Donna, I had a good day and then went out on friday with 3 friends and we had a great lunch.
oh i got some raspberry rock and that sure is yummy.
mum got the toffee cashews.
My friend even brought a half a black forrest cake for me she has the other half as her birthday is this week.

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