2 October 2017

Book Review Her Rocky Mountain Highness by Darlene Franklin

Krystal Black had helped foreign dignitaries before but never was tempted to join their ranks. 

Prince Johann "John" van Koppelberg came to the Colorado Rockies expecting a vacation. He hadn't planned to fall in love with his tourism director. 

But like John Denver, the prince found a home and fell in love. Now if only he could get Krystal and his parents to agree.

My Review
Firstly thanks to the author a copy of this book to review.

This novella starts with Krystal and her cousin Jill who work for a tourism company waiting at the international airport for her newest client a Prince Johan (John) and his body guard. In the back ground we hear John Denver's Rocky Mountain High being sung which sets the theme for this book. We also learn Prince Johan is Blonde and Blue eyed and his body guard is tall and burly. 

Right from the start we can see the Prince isn't what you expect of royalty. He is a normal guy wanting to just have a break where he can be himself. He also comes from a royal family who no longer have a kingdom due to wars but still have a title and his kingdom was in mountains so seeing the Rockies touch his soul. Krystal loves to show of her Rockies and loves her job for this reason. 

We also see interaction between Jill and Gus, John's bodyguard and close friend. I like books where the secondary characters are also included in the story. This is another book I really enjoyed.

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