12 July 2017

Book Review Acadian Hearts by Darlene Franklin

Arcadian Hearts
 Darlene Franklin

Rich summer cottager Lucretia “Luc” Phillips and Eddie Bourgoin, the son of a local fisherman, were once best of friends—until he went to work in the family business and she went on her European tour.

Upon her return, their childhood friendship bursts into full-grown love, but the walls separating them have grown higher than ever. Will their risky plan lead them to a lifetime of happiness—or break them apart forever?

My Review:
Firstly thanks to the author for my review copy.

This is a sweet novella. I am not a fan of rich girl/poor boy stories normally but this was well done. While Luc is from a wealthy family she longs to just enjoy a simpler life with her childhood friends. She would be just as happy enjoying the summer time in the beauty of the area rather than with the other rich families. Eddie is now working as a fisherman and certainly not what her father want for her.

What I drew me to the story was the area as I have read a little about the history of the Acadian people and how the lives intertwine. I also wondered how they would be able to overcome the obstacles in their way to find true happiness. Another good read from Darlene.

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