4 May 2017

Book Review by Cinderella's Boot by Darlene Franklin

Cinderella's Boot
Darlene Franklin
  • Publisher: Forget Me Not Romances, 
  • a division of Winged Publications (April 19, 2017)

Book Description:
Cynthia Ellen Cooper—known affectionately as “Cinderella”—left her wedding boot in the dust when she ran away from her wedding to work on a sheep station in Australia. 

Four years later, she’s back home—and so is her ex-fiancé, now a DVM from Oklahoma State University. They reach a truce and work side by side in his father’s animal clinic. 

Cyn soon discovers she wants more—but she has to battle bad history and a demanding pet owner for Keith’s attention. 

How can Cinderella find a second chance at love? 

My Review:
Firstly thanks to the Author for my review copy.

I had a day in hospital and this was a great book to read to help pass the day. I enjoyed this book because it mentions Australia and has the fact done well unlike many books that try to write about my country but get facts or information wrong. The books starts with a Cynthia faced with the choice of working in Australia on a sheep station or getting married and working while her fiance finishes his degree. 

Fast forward four years. Cyn is now working in the same practice as her ex-fiance Keith. She still loves Keith but thinks its to late for them due to her leaving him and tries to handle the fact he has moved on. Meanwhile Keith is struggling with the situation and to why she left. Enter an attractive pet owner of a cat that seems to enjoy getting into scraps. We see both Cyn and Keith doing some thinking and working through issues and deciding what they want. I really enjoyed this novella it was easy to read and captured my attention. 

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