24 April 2017

Book Review: Fort Point (Maine Justice) (Volume 2) by Susan Page Davis

Fort Point (Main Justice Book 2) by Susan Page Davis

  • Publisher: Tea Tin Press (March 28, 2017)

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Book Description

An ill-fated class reunion at Fort Point. . . Maine’s most famous author is murdered the night after the reunion. A classmate turns up dead a few days later, apparently drowned at Fort Point. What does a cold case burglary have to do with the deaths? And did a third classmate really commit suicide? The Priority Unit solves its most challenging case, relying on wits, hard work, and faith. Meanwhile, Jennifer Wainthrop plans her wedding but manages to hand the detectives some important clues. Detective Harvey Larson is offered a job he doesn’t want, until he learns the police chief has had a tragic accident. Captain Mike Browning is on vacation in Maine's far north, and proves a difficult man to track down. Harvey and Jennifer continue their faith journey and romance while untangling the evidence. Despite many obstacles, the Priority Unit is once again serving up Maine Justice.

My Review:
Firstly thanks to the author for my review copy.

This is the second book in the Maine Justice series and a warning may contain spoilers if you haven't read book one. This books starts with the murder of a famous author Martin Blake after a school reunion. A second attendee turns up dead a few days later and they wonder if they are related. Again Harvey has to investigate the murder and try to work out who is involved. Early in the book after Martin's body is found they have to see his wife, well this is where it go interesting for me. His wife's name is Thelma Blake. My father had a sister who passed away at around 15 called Thelma and they were going to name a daughter they lost Thelma so reading her name was interesting. It didn't make me sad it just gave me a little start at first. This Thelma is such a large character that it would be nice to think she was a part of them. 

Now back to the review. Harvey is also up for a promotion he is not sure he wants as he doesn't like change. We also see more of his partner Eddie in this book and I have to say I really do like Eddie. In there spare time Jennifer and Harvey are planning a wedding and some of the decisions are interesting. I also found later close to the wedding I was laughing at some of the antics and things that were happening. The mystery itself had me wondering who was involved and who the killer was. I had guessed a few of the clues but still wasn't sure till the end. I am looking forward to the final book in the series. 

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