1 July 2016

Book Review The Bluebonnet Bride by Pamela Tracy

Amy has never had a home. Will she find one in the arms of a cowboy? 

This is Daniel Starr's year. He's moving up the rankings on the bull-riding circuit and is determined to catch his twin brother. Nothing is going to stop him. Well, almost nothing. When his beloved grandmother falls and needs a caretaker, Daniel finds himself on the road back to Pecan, Texas, rather than making the next rodeo. Why did this happen now? And why, when he's jeopardizing his career to come home, does Miss Bossypants Amy Benjamin think he's not doing enough? 

Amy knows all about the swashbuckling Starr Brothers, but anyone who turns his back on her beloved Pecan--and on his own grandmother--doesn't deserve admiration. If Amy had been lucky enough to have family like Grandma Starr, her life would have been so different! Well, she's going to make sure Daniel does his duty. But the longer he stays in Pecan, the harder it'll be to see him go… 

My Review
I really enjoyed this book. I found it an easy book to read and loved the characters. Amy has never really had a place to call home. Since being in Pecan Texas she feels like she may have found a home. The older ladies who come into her store have become like family. Daniel has come home to look after his grandmother and buts heads with Amy. Seeing how this story plays out is fun. We see both having to reassess their preconceived ideas about each other. This is the first of 3 novella's and an excellent start to the series.

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