19 March 2016

Wrists and reunions.

Hi all, Its been awhile since I last updated. I have finally had my wrist operated on. They did an arthroscopy and shortened the ulnar and put in a plate and pins. It was done about 12 days ago. I had a nerve block which made the arm feel like lead. It was such a strange feeling. I had no control over the arm for about  20 hours. I also went a couple of days with no head pain for the first time in over two and a half years and then little pain around one - two out of ten for the next nine days. the pain has now returned back to around six.

I have now had the first cast removed and a lighter one put on which adds a little more pain but its healing well. It will take about six weeks then intensive physio to get it back to as normal as possible. I was a little naive thinking at six weeks it would be back to normal.

Last weekend we had our school reunion of 40 years since starting high school. It was a great night out catching up with former friends. Some I hadn't seen for close on 40 years. The above photo is of the ones there who started in year eight. We had around 64 former students out of around 100 who started.

I had a group of around eight people I use to be friends with and five were there. Above is the group I was friendly with. Of this group it I hadn't had as much contact with a couple of the ladies so it was so great to catch up. I am the only one left in my town.

On the Sunday we had a tour of the school and saw the improvements. Like A/C in every room! We had over 600 students in my time now there is just over 300. My arm was really sore after the weekend but it was worth it. I will be keeping in closer contact with my friends now. This was my first reunion. It was so quiet after the weekend.

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