13 January 2016

First update for 2016

Its been awhile since I updated you on what is happening with me health wise. Its been an interesting 6 months or so. I started to get really sick and had to have an endoscopy which found a hiatus hernia. Possibly made worse by some of the meds I had been taking. It also turns out after keeping a food journal that I can't eat bread. I had been eating toast thinking it was one think I could eat when I was so sick but it was in turn making me sicker. Cutting out the bread and a couple of other foods has made a huge difference. I still find foods I can't eat. I was out this weekend and had pasta bolognese   and it had a lot of onion and probably other spices although it didn't taste spicy but it affected me so unless I make my own without the onion etc its off the menu.

I have added a new med for the migraine pain that I have along with the Occipital Neuralgia and it has knocked me for a six (an Aussie expression meaning knocked me for a loop), The first week I had trouble sleeping but was exhausted all the time and napping up to 3 times a day and sometimes over 2 hours at a time. It still makes me tired but at least now I am back to my disturbed sleep pattern and nap for around 2 hours a day or I just can't  keep going. It also gives me nasty headaches which are worse than the migraine pain but thankfully panadol will help take that pain away. The nausea has also eased. It has brought down the migraine pain from 7 - 8 our of 10 to below 5 most of the time. I will probably need to raise it but want to give it another month to get use to it.

Just after new year I pulled muscles in my lower back. I am not sure how exactly but think it was a combo of things including this new med as it was making me so exhausted and the smallest task was almost to much some days. It is slowly improving but it's still giving me pain if I try to do anything much. I am hoping by next week I can get back to light duties.

On a positive front I have a date for surgery for my wrist at last. March 7th they will be operating and hopefully once its healed the pain will be gone and I will have full use again. I am told I may never have full strength but as long as I don't have the pain it will be a huge bonus.

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