23 August 2015

Latest update.

Hi all the saga continues. Seems I may have now developed ulcers from the meds for the Occipital Neuralgia. Spent the last week in quite a lot of pain. It is finally easing thanks to new meds but I don't recommend it to anyone. It is good for losing weight but not the best way. Am on a very bland diet. 

A few weeks back I walked into the garage door and almost knocked myself out. Turns out I gave myself a slight case of whiplash and it affected the pain levels. With physio it has eased and eased the other pain. Who knows maybe I knocked something into place a little to help with the ON. The pain is more manageable now which is a plus as some meds will have to be stopped.

On the reading front its still slow but I still love books and want to help support authors so if you would like to be on my blog I would love to have you. I have posted a few posts on other blogs which I plan to also use here which will help add content to my blog. I do want to be more active here.

This is short but its whats happening in a nutshell.  

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