27 August 2015

How International Settings Can Affect Readers.

Back in the 80’s an older lady gave me the first book in the When Calls the Heart series by Jeanette
Oke and it hooked me back into reading. As a child I read all the time but after leaving school, I stopped reading for several years. I read this book and it made me fall in love with Canada and Mounties. It made me want to visit Canada and see the rugged areas and also see a Mountie. Many years later in 2007 I got to visit Canada and while I didn’t see a Mountie in uniform I fell even more in love with the country and have now been back two more times even if the second time was only overnight.

I read a few books by Robin Jones Gunn and after reading here Sisterchicks do the hula I told mum I have to go to Hawaii. Mum’s reaction was less than enthusiastic with a, you are not going anywhere. But the dream was there and I went there for three days before my Canadian trip.  Her other books to the different parts of the world also made me want to see the places. Her book Sisterchicks Downunder had me laughing so much at times cos I had done the same thing she had in a few instances and also her tasting of vegemite was the reaction I have seen by Americans tasting it for the first time. I also had to try chocolate fish and was so excited to find them in a shop in Adelaide.

I read a series set around National Parks in America and on my bucket list I want to visit Shiloh National Park in Tennessee. I stayed near the border last trip but the park was about 6 hours away and my friend had to work. I still hope to get there on day. I did however get to Washington DC and saw the Lincoln Memorial which was also mentioned in the books.

I have learnt about settings such as Africa, India and Guatemala through books which have been educational about different issues. Issues including corruption in Governments and high places to slavery where whole groups of people are captured for slave labour. I love learning things in books whether good or bad.

As a reader I love being able to read books set is so many different parts of the world. It really enhances the experience of reading. One day I may be in France during WW2 and the next in Canada in present day times to the next being on a ship sailing to the New World. I love how books also make me want to visit different places to see what I am reading.

As a reader do you have any books that have made you want to go visit or fall in love with an area?

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