16 July 2015

My Health Journey continues

Hi all, I figure I would do another update. Since the failed nerve block the pain increased and I was put back on a drug that helps me with pain but has fun side effects while adjusting. Knowing I will not sleep for a few weeks helps now!  This time we added bad bouts of vertigo to the equation. It did however ease the pain for a short time. The problem is it give relief for a few weeks and then as I get use to it the pain rises and again.

I had started to see the pain easing and was looking to discuss changes to the meds when I got a cold. I think an elephant (well maybe it was really a tiger) sat on my chest! I had the worst chest cold I have had in quite a long time, probably 6 years. I was quite sick with it and then it went into my head which adds pain there. But never did get a sore throat! I completely lost my appetite with it. It took a good 3 weeks to shake it and even after I still had slight traces of it. This meant I wasn't sure what was cold pain or head pain as Sinus pressure is similar in feel.

I was still able to attend a good friends wedding and I handled it so much better than I would have 12 months ago. The noise did affect me at times but I managed and had a good time. It did totally exhaust me. It gives me hope of maybe attending some cricket this year. I may not handle a whole day but even a session would be a bonus.

The pain has been rising again and I have been wondering about changing meds. So after talking with my dr we are raising one and changing another to see if it makes any difference.

On Friday I had a slight accident which added to my pain. I have wood in the garage and we were going to have a blast of cold weather from Antarctica (and believe me we are having it). I wanted to bring up some wood and there isn't much left out there and what is mostly needs splitting or can be split for starting the fire. Now this is where everyone can learn from my mistake. I opened the garage door but it didn't go all the way up it stopped at eye height. This isn't a major issue as I can duck under right! Well I did for the first several times. I had the wheelbarrow in the garage but where I split is outside. Anyone else would have found the pieces that can be taken up and put then in first then moved the wheelbarrow to where I would split the wood (even put to pieces to be split on it to save energy!). But not me. I had what was going to be my last lot anyway in my arms and walked bang, bam into the door. As I said it was eye level or bridge of the nose level so it got my on the bridge of the nose and across the top of the forehead. (the bottom of the door is about an inch wide). It almost knocked me senseless. I went into shock and just didn't know what to do.

I did see a duty dr the next morning (I had rung to ask what I should do and they said to ring back in the morning) I am fine but had a couple of nice shiners for a few days. Still a little bruised around the eyes. They are still quite painful, especially the bridge of the nose which I cut slightly (not enough to bleed but its got a cut on it). It makes wearing glasses painful. Oh and that is one blessing I wasn't wearing glasses at the time or I think it would have been a whole lot worse! So I added pain to my already pained head.

I see the pain specialist next week to see what we try next. I am not sure if I would be willing to have another nerve block knowing how much pain the first one ended up causing but on the other hand if it was done differently it may be useful. It did help my shoulder.

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