12 June 2015

ACRBA Tour Mirage by Jeanette Grant-Thomson

8 - 12 June 2015
is introducing

(Ark House Press)


Jeanette Grant-Thomson

About the Book:
Miraim is desperate. Her mind is a fog of drug-induced forgetfulness. She has forgotten her past, her family, even who she is. But who is the disturbingly familiar girl in the shopping centre?

Enmeshed in Soleternity, a cult in the Queensland outback, Miriam is pregnant. She believes her future - and that of her baby - lies with the cult.

Bronwyn is determined to rescue Miriam. She has not bargained on falling in love with the journalist helping her.

Away from Soleternity, Miriam faces conflicts. Sol . . .Soleternity . . .and now Anna and Christianity
. How can she know the truth? Who is to be trusted?

About the Author

Jeanette Grant-Thomson has been writing since she was a child, having short pieces published. Her first book was Jodie's Story (Anzea 1991 and two later editions), followed by two more biographies and two novels. She is a teacher and a writer, living in Redlands.

My Review is at http://ausjenny.blogspot.com.au/2011/03/book-review-mirage-by-jeanette-grant.html

1 comment:

Jeanette Grant-Thomson said...

Thanks so much for this, Jenny. For your good review too. And thanks for choosing to tour this book and leading me through all the hoops. It's been a very encouraging week, thanks.

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