21 December 2014

Still struggling

Hi all. The latest is I have insomnia! also found the sleeping tablets have a side effect which is not nice. They only seem to help for a day or so. I really wanted to go to the carols our church were doing last night. We went to about 4 members of the church including the local nursing home where several live in units and I knew I would need some sleep. On Wed and Thurs night I didn't take any but had been itching. Took them Friday night, Got about 6 hours sleep but also an incredible itch! When I say itching I mean to the point of scratching so hard I drew blood. I did take something to help but it only help marginally.

I am keeping a sleep diary and in 4 nights 3 I have slept less than an hour in a 24 hour period. Friday I got 6 hours but they were from the meds so I was drugged more so than real sleep. Do to the exhaustion the goes with it doing things like updating the blog and putting up the reviews and books has been more than I can handle.

On a plus side I have now read 2 more of the 12 brides of Christmas series. It has felt good to read and cos they are short I can handle them. I have also been able to do some cooking and have plenty to give away this year. On the down side it has been tough on the wrist. It hasn't set it back just made it tender and needing a good rest. The meds are working for the head pain at present. I know we have to change one when I see the pain clinic but at this stage the pain is so much better most of the time. I do have higher pain at times but nothing like it can be. It is normally also when I am extremely tired or not coping with noise.

I feel sure tonight I will sleep better. I think I would have last night if not for the itching and the fact the legs feel raw or like they have  heat rash from the itching and the feel of the sheet on them hurt. I spent a lot of last night crying due to the pain and itch. While I have a little itching still it is nothing like it was.

I am looking forward to Christmas. I will be home alone but will go to Church and it will be a good day. I have a Christmas movie I bought (forget the name) I plan to watch and still have some Christmas novellas to read. I am going out to lunch Tuesday with a special friend who has been there for me the past few years. We are planning to go to lunch once a month as I need the support and it helps us both. It will be my Christmas meal.


Sherida Stewart said...

Jenny, I'm sorry about your continuing pain and sleep issues! You are in my prayers!

I too enjoy the shorter Christmas reads. Love Pam Hillman's Evergreen Bride and looking forward to reading more Hope for the Holidays stories.

Christmas blessings to you!

KayM said...

So sorry that you are having such a rough time. I hope today is one of your better days.

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