6 December 2014

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I thought it was time for an update. The past few months have been interesting. A further 3 trips to the city for specialists for the head and wrist. Back in Oct the wrist flare up badly and ended up having to have cortisone guided by ultra sound which has helped cut the pain a lot. I have to be careful not to over use it and am doing strengthening exercises.

I have changed meds for the Occipital Neuralgia a few times. I will be seeing the Pain Clinic the end of Jan and hoping they have some more options. Currently the pain is around 4 - 5 most of the time but without the meds its around 8 - 9 with the feel of someone shooting nails into my head.

I tire very easily and often need a couple of naps in the day. If I do any work I then will need to rest for an hour or two. I have been able to read a few novellas and am currently loving the Christmas ones that are coming out at present.

I plan to put up reviews an info in the next week. With the pain there are days  struggle to do all I need to.

I do have the Christmas tree up and will share a photo here to show you.

I also have my little village set up again. (Just need some people)

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Wyndy said...

Sorry that you are still in so much pain. Glad that the meds are working somewhat. It is very frustrating and depressing to be in constant pain. Hope this all works out better for you. You are ahead of me with your decorating, and I've got snow to encourage me to get with the season. Merry Christmas

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