25 July 2014

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Hi all, figured it was time for an update. The past few weeks have been challenging. The medication I was on was keeping the headpain down to around 3 out of 10 most of the time but it had one bad side effect, nightmares. The nightmares started with one ever few nights and escalated to around 5 a night. I have always been someone who dreams a lot and in the last 3 years prior to recently had around 3 nightmares and there was a reason for most of them. These nightmares were horrific to the point I would wake up screaming and waking with a start. I had similar ones over and over all having me about to be attacked in my own home in a serious way. It got to the point I was almost scared to even go to sleep.

I had to change meds and the new one didn't really help and the pain progressively got worse and was like when this first hit except the pain was higher. I had stabbing pain as well this time more like someone was using a nail gun and shooting them into my head and the pain was around 7 out of 10. There have been times I thought I may cry a the clinic well this time I had to see the duty dr and with the noise at the clinic and pain I broke down and was able to sit in a quieter area. The dr could see I wasn't doing well and I now have a new med to try. It will take time to get the right dose but at least the stabbing pain has eased.

At present just walking round the block is to much and hurts the head and the noise issue is also a major issue again. Hopefully it will all calm down again. It has meant reading is not happening at present. I have now read 5 books for the year. 2 I need to put up reviews for.
Mentally I am doing ok. Accepting I have Occipital Neuralgia and that I will probably have to live with headpain goes along way to coping. I am hoping the meds will bring the pain back down to around 3 or 4 which I can handle if I don't have the stabbing pain. 

On a plus the neck and back pain is lower now that we are able to keep the thoracic spine looser. When the neck is also bad the headpain is even harder to handle.


Paula Vince said...

Sorry to hear about this. Nightmares sounds like a bad trade off for pain relief. Will pray with you, that the new medication will keep the pain down without the horrible side effect.

Jenny Blake said...

Thanks Paula, the nightmares were nasty although the pain was so much better. Still adjusting but at least not as many nail gun in the head feeling today. The pain is still up around 6 or 7 but when resting its better. No side effects that I have noticed yet.

Jenny Blake said...
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Mary Hawkins said...

Oh Jenny dear, had no idea you were having to cope with so much pain. And those nightmares! Phew!
Aussie authors especially owe you so much in so many ways for all you have done and continue to try and do for us - and despite while coping with all this.
Do know how loved you are and that our prayers continue for you.

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