6 June 2014

Jenny's Treats and update

I originally was going to go try and come up with 52 treats as I needed something to focus on but it became to hard and I was stressing about it. I am still looking at treats. Last month I meet another friend in Adelaide for the first time and will share that in the coming weeks.

In the past months I have changed medication twice and the med I am on is helping although it gives me a dry mouth. It doesn't make feel like an emotionless zombie like the previous one did. It doesn't take all the pain away and am thinking it will need to be raised again. I had someone say to me when she found out I had the head pain for over 9 months "I guess you get use to it after awhile". No you don't, yes you manage and deal with it but you don't get use to it. The pain the past few days has been high partly due to being tired and in the city where there is so much noise.

I have seen a specialist and will be now having a head CT scan and x-rays. He thinks the other issue with the gall bladder was from the first med I was on. He also think the pain could be due to stress on the neck. (The CT of the neck showed some arthritis in it which I have read can affect Occipital Neuralgia). I seem him again next month, also had blood tests yesterday.

Oh and I know where the emergency department of the Royal Adelaide Hospital is. Took a bit to find from where I started but I found it. I tripped over a wire basket in a shop. They left it in the isle while working on something and I didn't see it as it was low to the ground. I have 2 ugly looking welts on my leg where it took a layer of skin off. I wanted ice to keep the bruising down and the fact it was hurting. I got 2 lots of the disposable ice packs which has helped a lot. It still looks red and bruised but its not as bad as it would have been.

I did get to have a treat yesterday, a slice of triple layer mousse cake at Koorong. It was so yummy and filling and well worth it. Next time I must take a photo of the slice before eating! That was June's Special treat.

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