8 April 2014

New challange from a friend

Today I was talking with a friend about how the new med I am on is affecting me as I get use to the dosage. I am so exhausted and drowsy and was feeling really low. I was saying I need something to look forward to. Last year in May I went to America and had about 2 years planning and looking forward to it. I really want to go back and I had said 5 years but due to medical issues I am spending more than I am bringing in so unless I can get the Occipital Neuralgia to a point its manageable I am not going to be able to save. 

I am hoping to meet her in Oct for a weekend away and I said I need to hold onto that at this stage. I feel I really need something to look forward to that is achievable. She suggested doing a weekly blog about a treat for the week. To give me a new focus so I find a treat each week. 

As this is the beginning and introduction I will tell you what I am looking forward to this week for a treat. I am meeting my friend for the first time on Friday. I am looking forward to this and next week will blog about it as my first treat.

I will call Jenny's 52 treats (which is what my friend Dotti suggested).


Dorothy Adamek said...

I'm so honoured our chat inspired Jenny's 52 Treats!! I can't wait to see what you 'look forward to' each week. I'll be watching closely, and I know for sure your Friday catch up with a friend will be just wonderful!!

God bless, Jenny. Looking forward to the updates. :)

Marianne Barkman said...

Jenny, I am sorry that you are having so much trouble, but glad you have dear friends in your area! I look forward to your treats. I need to think of my own highlights more, too! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you have a better day

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