29 March 2014

Time for an Update

Last update was on my birthday and I am happy to say I had a wonderful day. I ended up with 3 lots of flowers, one lot of balloons. I also got a table top decorations with silver 50 and bright foil stars on wire that look great when opened up. I can't forget to mention my little 50 bear.

I had a morning tea with about 11 people and it was really nice and relaxed and a great time out. We all had fun and I shared my 50th birthday album with them. A few still had messages to add to it and if you were going to share its not to late. I am happy with how it turned out and will share when I get a chance to take some photos of it. 

In the afternoon my friends from Geelong arrived with gifts! the below angel they brought from a group of online friends who also sent the first lot of flowers you see. I love these angels which my friend knew so its the perfect gift. I also was given money for clothes from several people as my wardrobe isn't fitting so well anymore. My friends and I went out for dinner at the local hotel and had a really nice meal. Then we come home to a black forrest cake. Now this one was so nice. it was like a sponge with the layers of cream and cherries but not to heavy on the cream. The cake was so light and the nicest I have had in ages. 

Below is a photo of me about to cut the cake. We ad a great time and it would be one of my best birthdays ever.

The worst part of the day was the head pain had started to rise. From then on it was getting higher. I had thought with having the gall bladder out and the pain lessening maybe it would disappear. I was wrong and for a few days struggled with this but accepting the pain and dealing with it is the only thing I can do. The pain was up around 5+ our of ten most of the time and got to the point I just couldn't handle it. 

We then decided to change meds and wean me off the one I was on and try a new one. I have worked out while the first one wasn't helping as much with the pain it did take away the icepick into the front of the head feeling. I started the new med and it was to high a dose to start and it made me so dizzy and drowsy I felt I had been drugged. changing the dosage and rising slowly has been much easier. Today after several days of the icepick in the front of the head feeling it is finally gone. I still have the headache at around 3 - 4 but its lower and the stabbing is gone mostly. I am napping well 3 hours today! Not intentional at all. I am also going to see a General Physician in May about the issue so praying he will be able to help. 

This is why I haven't been blogging as much. Its not that I don't want to or don't want to read it's more I tire so easily and find it hard to concentrate at times. I have organised some author interviews for my Thursday getting to know you spot and hope to orgainse a few more (so if you are an author wanting to be interviewed please contact me). I have a giveaway coming up this week also.  Also am meeting with an  Aussie author in Adelaide in a couple of week so look out for a report on this. Its her first time to Adelaide so will show her some of the sights.


Paula Vince said...

Hi Jenny,
I'm really sorry to hear about this pain that just keeps dragging you down. It's completely understandable why you're not blogging as often as before. It's great to see your posts when you do, and I hope you really are on top of everything soon.
It sounds like fun, showing the author the sights of Adelaide. There's plenty to see, that's for sure.

Ausjenny said...

Thanks Paula, I know God is in control and I will find the right combo eventually.
Any idea of sites in Adelaide to see either by walking or public transport. Adelaide oval is a must, I figure part of the river, Rundle Mall and the pigs and Balls. I thought maybe the Botanical Gardens. We are having lunch with my niece at noon. I thought maybe Glenelg on the tram but is there a lot to see down there? My penpal loved the museum.

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