22 January 2014

God is Good

Last update I told you I was waiting for an appointment to see the specialist. I thought I still had a chance to see him Friday after talking to the receptionist on Monday. I had a bad weekend with another attack. Not a bad attack but enough to cause pain and make me feel sick. I did go to church only to have to leave after about 20mins. I was cold and I couldn't take the pain and needed to lie down.  

Yesterday Tuesday I had lunch of tuna, beetroot, pineapple and tomato and started to feel uncomfortable. I cried cos I like those foods and didn't know which one was the issue. I had to see the optometrist, the meds I am on are affecting the vision a little. As I was walking home I was wondering about the foods trying to work out which one was the issue or if it was the combo that was the issue. Decided I would have to try each one on its own and thought with my luck it wouldn't be the last one I tried it would be one of the first meaning more pain. I got home to find a message on the mobile phone.

Ring the Dr rooms urgent. I figured it was to tell me I had an appointment. No she said you have been put on the surgery list for Thursday. (note this is Tuesday that is less than two days away) Dr...... thinks you have suffered enough and will take it out then. I am like what. I will see him at the hospital to sign forms and the anesthetist will see me there too. He had seem my files and knows I am fit and have regular check ups so he was happy with that. I am still in a bit of shock.

I had been given a book Jesus Calling when I was in America last year and am reading it each day. About 2 weeks ago one post said to pray thanking God for the outcome of a request rather than praying for the request. So I have been praying thank you God for organising my appointment and surgery and I had to add and please help me to leave it in your hands but after a few days I felt at peace if it took 3 months so be it God was in control. When I heard I may still see him Friday I had people praying for the appointment. 

This is where God is so good he had already worked it all out and had it planned for me to have surgery tomorrow. I am not scared as I know God is in control but a little nervous I guess as its the unknown. So if you don't hear from me that is why. I plan to take time of the blog to recover and hope to post again next Thursday. Thanks for all your support and prayers (prayers that I sleep tonight would be wonderful). It does mean a lot to me

Oh and what do I most want to eat? Cake I now should be able to have cake for my birthday!

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Nancy Mehl said...

Praying for you, Jenny. Hugs.

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