10 January 2014

First update for the year

I had hoped by this time to have a date to see the specialist. I have a tentative one for Jan 24 but its not confirmed. There are more people needing appointments than appointments and it will be up to the specialist where the cut off is. If not this month I pray it will be Feb. Eating only a few foods gets boring after awhile. I am waiting to see the dietitian also but found out she has been on holiday so it will be at least another 2 weeks if not longer before I get to see her. 

My biggest issue is if you google what to eat some will say one food another says do not eat that food so its hard to know what is what without trial and error. Lamb is bad reacted for more than 24 hours. egg was only 4 hours or so. As we are heading for a heatwave I need to find some food to eat that doesn't need cooking. 

Amazing how many suggestions you will get. From Ice cream (too fatty) to Tuna and pasta in white sauce (again to fatty), to baby food which may work but the one I tried I couldn't eat. I can handle weetbix for breakfast, corn beef for lunch and spaghetti on toast for tea. I did try a vitabix biscuit with a tiny bit of marg and vegemite. I am hoping I will be able to eat a sandwich soon but will be careful. I do not want another attack. Normally I know fairly quick if I can't eat something. Oh Jelly beans are a huge no no. Not sure I will eat them again in a LONG time.

Will let you know when I get an appointment. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.


Dorothy Adamek said...

Hi Jenny, I hope you get solutions soon. I know how it feels to have so many question marks over your health.

And sorry about the jellybeans. That's just not right. My favourite are the black ones. But I can't eat any colour, so .... I cry with you. xx

Jenny Blake said...

Thanks Dotti, I love the black ones too. Least one issue was sorted today with a test coming back with the all clear. Still no word on the specialist appointment but hopefully not to long next week.

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