13 December 2013

Christmas Memories with Michelle Dennis Evans

Please Welcome Michelle Dennis Evans an Australian Author to my blog today to share memories.

1.    What do you most associate with Christmas where you live? After Jesus... heat, air conditioning and a swim in the pool! 
2.    Do you have any special family traditions you do at Christmas time? Each year my husband and I make some special time for just us and our children. Sometimes that might be while we are at my parents house an hour away and sometimes it's at home. We take turns with our extended family. This year we spend Christmas Day with the Evans's and next year we'll be with my family again. 
3.    Do you have a favourite Christmas Carol and if so do you know why? Until a couple of years ago, O Holy Night, was my favourite but now my favourite is Born is the King (It's Christmas) because it tells it all in one song. http://youtu.be/Qf6OoAZbAQg
4.    If you could spend Christmas anyway you could how would you celebrate? In airconditioning, with friends and family, with a drink (red wine is good), with laughter, Christmas carols playing and great food. 
5.    Do you have any special memories of Christmas? Every year my Nan put so much effort into Christmas. She lived next door to us on the farm and we would help her put up the tree and decorate her house. It was never over the top and she never spent much money on decorations but she was very particular with how she liked them. She would load the table with sugar but balance it out with making sure there was plenty of peaches, plums and nectarines there as well. She loved buying gifts and sticking $2 scratchies on each present. Every Christmas with Nan was special -  I sure do miss her. 
6.    What is a typical Christmas eve and or Christmas day for you. If our church has a service, we are there and involved. Celebrating with our church family always comes first. Celebrating with our blood family always falls into place.  

7.    Do you have any Christmas movies or Christmas books you like to see or read each year? No. 
8.    Do you have a Christmas message for my readers? Jesus spent years in training. Then he was obedient.  

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Every choice she makes and turn she takes leads her towards a dangerous path.
Her best friend is never far away and ready to catch her … but will she push Tabbie too far away when she needs her most?
This novel contains adult themes.
Recommended reading audiences 17+

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.Michelle Dennis Evans said...

Thank you so much for hosting me today Jenny. Xx

Narelle Atkins said...

Hi Michelle, I'm not surprised air conditioning is at the top of your list. I remember the Christmas-themed scratchies that were popular gifts in my family. Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories :)

.Michelle Dennis Evans said...

Hehe, yes Narelle... I do like to stay cool. Xx

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