18 December 2013

Christmas Memories with Helen Gray and link to giveaway

Please Welcome Helen Gray to my blog today. Her debut book is out next March with Hearsong Presents. I got to know Helen at Seekerville. Also dont forget this weeks giveaway.

1.  What do you most associate with Christmas where you live?
Here in the Missouri Ozarks the things I associate with Christmas are cold weather, programs at church. lots of bright lights, and lots of church and civic groups reaching out in various ways to the needy. 
2. Do you have any special family traditions you do at Christmas time?
We have a lot of fun with the goofy little stocking stuffer gifts we exchange. Other than that, our traditions are --well, traditional. Lots of food and just enjoying being together as a family. (Jenny here, today I was visiting my dr and for the first time on an appointment was really sick, I have a fever etc. well we were talking Christmas as I will be alone and I mentioned bacon and she looked I said you have to have bacon on Christmas its a tradition to which she looked at me again and I explained. When we were little we would open our gifts then go to Church Christmas day. Dad would make bacon for breakfast and it was a treat as we rarely had bacon and even when he was gone we kept up the tradition.)

3. Do you have a favorite Christmas carol and if so do you know why?
O Holy Night is my favorite. It paints such a beautiful picture, both lyrically and musically. (Jenny here this is one of my all time favourties song by a male tenor. Michael Crawford or someone else in that vain)

4. If you could spend Christmas any way you could, how would you celebrate?
At home and church with my family.

5. Do you have any special memories of Christmas?
Poverty meant very little in the way of gifts, but we always had a good time. There were always nuts and candy in our hung stockings. (While we were not the poorest we never had a lot but like you Helen we always had a good time and loved our gifts, Christmas isn't about expensive gifts its about the love that goes into them. I remember one year getting a special shell and thinking it was the best gift ever infact I still have that shell)

6. What is a typical Christmas Eve and or Christmas Day for you?
Christmas Eve is usually visiting time with the family, sometimes including some times playing board games. Christmas morning we have our gift exchange, followed by the big meal.

7. Do you have any Christmas movies or Christmas books you like to see or read each year?
When the kids were home, they always watched the Snoopy and Rudolph movies. Ken and I aren't big movie watchers. I read whatever Christmas books my writer friends have releasing near the holiday.

8. Do you have a Christmas message for my readers?
Don't get so caught up in the hoopla of Christmas that we short-change the time with our families--and the TRUE REASON for Christmas, Christ's birth and death here on earth.
My debut book, Ozark Sweetheart, is scheduled to release on March 1 in digital and March 4 in print. The characters are drawn from my mother's background and the notes she made for me about growing up in the Great Depression.


Janet Dean said...

Jenny, thanks for having Helen here today! I enjoyed getting to know you both better through the answers to your questions. May
God bless you both this Christmas!


Helen Gray said...

Janet, it's been a pleasure getting to know you through Seekerville and at ACFW conferences.

Anonymous said...

LOVE THE NEW COVER!!! Congratulations on your debut!!

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