23 November 2013

Latest on me.

I am not sure if I updated you all with what I have or not. Many of you know I have had a constant headache for weeks. Its now over 12 weeks. It has an official name. I have Occipital Neuralgia. This comes from the neck and the nerves at the back of the head behind the ear. Mine is on the right hand side and when the neck is out it is much worse. I have a lot of referred pain to the top of the forehead and at times it feels like someone is putting a knife or sharp in in the area and turning it. 

I am on meds for this and we are trying to find the right level. Each time we raise the level the side effects go up. One is drowsiness which is quite bad. I often nap a couple of times a day and am in bed soon after 8.30 at night. Another is light headedness and dizziness. The doctor suggested compression stockings. I forgot to mention at the time I am allergic to nylon but decided to try tubular bandages and they worked. I could not believe the difference they made. I found I can wear flight stockings which must not be fully nylon. I use them over the bandages. Without them I would struggle to walk straight. There are other side effects which I have had a few of slightly. With being so tired I find walking I tire much easier also. Having a cold hasn't helped. 

Last week I went to the city and discovered I am highly sensitive to noise. I went to watch cricket but with the construction still happening I saw very little cricket. I had to leave early and on the third day lasted 3 overs and left in tears. I was contemplating going to the ER to get something for the pain. The noise made the pain worse. I ended up on the banks of the river Torrens where it was peaceful and was able to compose myself. I wanted my mum for only the second time since she passed away. The other was about 2 weeks ago. I finally worked out why I wanted her. You know when you are little and sick your mother is there for you and makes you feel better no matter how sick you are and will tell you "It's going to be alright". I needed that. I just needed someone to tell me it would be alright. 

There are days the pain is more bearable and days I struggle. Today is a day I am struggling as the pain is higher. I look forward to a day the pain is under control. If I didn't have the hope that we will get the pain controlled I am not sure how I would handle this trial. 

On thing I am appreciating is the prayers of friends and people I don't know. Without this support I would be struggling. I know God is with me and that is a comfort however at the same time I would love him to take this pain away from me. I know his timing is not my timing and that I am learning lessons from this pain. I now understand people in pain so much better.

The comments I hate the most. Are you sure its not hormonal. (NO it isn't), Oh you poor thing It makes me feel like I am someone to pity and I don't want peoples pity. 
Have to end time for a nap!


Brooke said...

Hey Jenny -
Thanks so much for taking the time to give us an update on what's going on with you. I'm so sorry to hear that you're still having headaches. I can't imagine how disruptive that must be to your life ... or how frustrating to not be able to find the right medications/treatments to help. Grateful that God is providing for you in so many ways during this time ... especially with friends. I'm praying for you,


Jenny Blake said...

Thanks Brooke it means a lot to me knowing you take the time to reply and are praying. Today has been a bad day for me pain wise. I get frustrated at times too as so many people dont understand how debilitating it can be. Today I was crying when folding and collating the church newsletter as it was just to much at that stage. I know we will get the right med level but its the getting there thats the hard part.

Lisa Harris said...

Yes, pain can be so debilitating. I'm praying that you will find answers, but even more so peace and healing as you walk through this difficult time.

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