20 October 2013

CLADACH Fall Book Fling Unwrapping Wonder: Finding Hope in the Gift of nature by Carol O'Casey

UNWRAPPING WONDER: Finding Hope in the Gift of Nature
by Carol O'Casey

Trade Paperback
224 pgs / 6" x 9"
Illustrated: original drawings by Matthew Kondratieff
ISBN 9780981892986

Categories: Nature Studies/ God & Creation/ Spiritual Growth
Price: $17.99


Heeding technology's cry to "get connected" can result in overloaded circuits of the mind. Frenetic connections can cause frazzled lives.Step outside to cultivate a connection with creation and deepen your relationship with the Creator.
Unwrapping Wonder offers a delightful mix of natural history, human story, and God's glory. Each chapter "unwraps" one object of nature such as the barnacle, the honey bee, the tiniest seed. As readers peer within these gifts, they discover more of nature, God, and themselves.
This book is for individuals, families and groups who enjoy learning about creation and getting to know the Creator better through the wonders he has made, and those looking for hope in a hectic world. It will help restore the reader's soul.
Each chapter includes:
  • The Wonder Introduced - through anecdote, natural history, or life story.
  • The Wonder Unwrapped - minute hidden details revealed and explained in everyday terms.
  • The Wonder Applied - Practical, spiritual lessons for daily living.
  • Promise of Hope: Relevant Scripture to inspire hope.
  • "Wondercise": A short, hands-on nature activity designed to awaken heart, mind and soul to the wonder of creation and give praise to the Creator.

Carol O'Casey writes from her rich and varied background as a field biologist, teacher, pastor's wife, friend, mother, and child of God. She teaches "Wonder Workshops" and speaks at retreats. Find out more and follow Carol at her "Divine Nature Project" blog and Facebook page.

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