25 October 2013

ACBRA Tour Joy by Kirrily Lowe

21 - 15 October


(Wombat Books August 2010)


Kirrily Lowe

About the Book:

"I've lost my joy where could it be?"
Come with our little girl on a search to find her "Joy".  Is it under the apple tree, is it out to sea, or is it in something that we cannot see?  A message for little ones and big ones – where do we go to find joy when we have lost it.

About the Author:

Kirrily Lowe is the author of The Invisible Tree series of children's books - a delightful and fun series seeking to capture great and timeless values for little ones.

Kirrily began her career as a lawyer working with children in Sydney’s Western Suburbs.

She is now the pastor together with her husband Tim of C3 City Campus - a dynamic and creative congregation in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Kirrily began writing in 2010 whilst at home with her young children.

Kirrily lives in the northern suburbs of Sydney with Tim and her 3 young and lively boys.

My Review:
This is an interesting book dealing with the fruits of the spirit in a way little children can understand. It is part of The Invisible Tree series. The books are different in the way the text is presented. It looks like the words or groups of words have been cut out of a magazine and put together to make the sentences. It is a unique way of writing the books which is sure to captivate children learning to read. The pictures are also well done. Having seen the first in this series and how it is also in the same style I think it will be a great book and series for young children.

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