30 June 2013

What a difference a year makes!

This time last year I was in hospital as the above photo shows. My friend took the photo it was the second day and I had just had a wash and change of clothes. I was so swollen from all the fluid and still had IV ports in my hands and was so tired.

Its hard to believe its an year since I collapsed at home and almost died. So much good came from this incident. While I wouldn't want to go through it again there were so many positives. I learnt I can keep calm. I knew I was in trouble but knew I couldn't do much. I kept calm and tried to keep warm as I knew I was going into shock. I didn't realise how bad it was which was a good thing. I finally contacted my friend who got help. Now I would ring the ambulance as I now have cover. But I didn't realise how serious it was at the time.

I went into hospital with a major fear of both drs and hospitals which I now do no have. I have never had a blood test and was so scared it would hurt because I knew how hard it was getting blood from mum and how she use to ask for prayer before blood test that they could get it in one try. I had seen how hard it was and thought I would be the same. I am not IF I have blood it is so easy for me to have the blood test. I had 4 transfusions and am now able to give blood and plan to donate when they come to my town in Sept. I also learnt how tired losing blood makes you and how when you have surgery you are tired and don't want people to visit for to long. I have never been as cold before in my life and remember how I felt so cold last year. I also learnt it takes time to recover and hadn't really fully recovered when mum passed away. I was so tired and still due to other issues as well tire easy. 

I am so thankful for the drs in my town who saved my life and the medical staff. The nursing staff were so good also. I also learnt I have wonderful friends from many places. Some of the care from online friends was overwhelming and I will be forever thankful for my friend in Geelong whose call got me help. 

I learnt have a toilet bag packed with comb, tooth paste, tooth brush and a few other items packed ready to go. I so missed not having a comb. 

The past year has been touch with being so sick then mum passing then falling. But it all has made me a much fitter, healthier and happier person. Dealing with some demons has helped me have a change in thinking and I know many can see the result of that. While I don't want to go through this again I am grateful for all the good that came of it.  I am enclosing a recent photos from my trip to show the difference and tomorrow will be the Gettysburg post to coincide with the 150th anniversary.


Julie Hilton Steele said...

We all love you, Jenny, and were praying hard for you through the past year.

Love seeing that smile on your face at the end of your marvelous post. Made me teary eyed!

Here's to seeing what adventures you have in the coming year.

Peace, Julie

Jenny Blake said...

Thanks Julie. Its been an interesting year but I have grown so much and although some of it was hard I can see so many positives. Changing my thinking about some issues took a lot to do (30 years) has really helped with the way I think about myself.

It also taught me what people say when you are a teen or young adult can cut deep and take a lot of healing and often what is said is not true to start with but at the time we take it as truth.

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