21 June 2013

ACRBA Tour Boondaburra by Natalie Lonsdale

17 - 21 June

is introducing


(Even Before Publishing Feb 2013)


Natalie Lonsdale

About the Author

Natalie Lonsdale is a former Early Childhood Educator who is currently studying to be a Library Technician. Natalie loves children's literature, photography, travelling, history, and eucalyptus trees. Boondaburra is Natalie's first book, and she is working on several more. Natalie has a heart to write stories that encourage children to delight in God's word and in His love.

About the Book:
Boondaburra is sad. Why do the other animals make fun of him just because he is different?When tragedy strikes in the Australian bush, Boondaburra learns that being unique has its advantages. Boondaburra is the story of a platypus' journey from rejection to accepting and understanding his uniqueness, and the friends who come to accept and admire those differences.

My Review:
This is a sweet book for children it teaches that everyone is different and God created us all different. Boondaburra feels he doesn't fit in because he is teased but when something major happens he sees how everyone has a place. A good story for children to show how being teased can hurt but also how everyone is made differently for a reason and that everyone is special. This book is good to read to young children and for slightly older children to read alone as there are a few bigger words. 
Good read.

1 comment:

Natalie Lonsdale said...

Thanks Jenny for your review of Boondaburra. I am glad you enjoyed it.

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