7 March 2013

Thursday Author Focus with Marianne Evans

Please welcome Marianne Evans back to my blog today. 

1. Can you tell us a something interesting that readers may not know about you? 
By day, from nine-to-five, I’m not the creative type. I’m a number cruncher, recording and tracking revenue for the appraisal department of a commercial real estate firm. I love the mix and blend of my left and right brain!  

2. Do you get to read many books and if so do you have a favourite Genre? 
I love to read before I go to bed each night. I love to relax by losing myself in a book - especially when I find myself in the midst of a really good one. My favorite genre is Christian fiction and romance. Right now I’m reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. After that I’ll read The Chance by Karen Kingsbury who happens to be one of my all-time favorite authors. 

3. How do you come up with ideas for books? 
Book ideas tend to simply spring to life, many times when I least expect them. They can be inspired by things I see, or do. For example, my upcoming series from Pelican Book Group was inspired by a concert. The characters and scenarios built upon nothing more than attending a beautiful concert.

4. In your latest book did you learn any interesting tidbits in your research?
 In writing my latest release, Beautiful Music, I can’t say that I really learned any interesting tidbits. What happened instead was a solidification of the beliefs I’ve always held that life is sacred. Life is valuable, from conception until death.

5. What does a typical writing day look like? 
I don’t get much of a chance to write until I’m home from work. My husband is awesomeness personified, because he cooks dinner so I can sink into my current work in progress and lose myself in my writing for a couple of hours. After dinner and some quality time with the man I love, I may write for another hour or two. I write like mad on weekends. 

6. If you had one tip for aspiring writers what would it be?  
NEVER, EVER GIVE UP.  Writing is subjective; your story might not be Editor #1’s cup of tea, but just wait until Editor #2 passion, stick with it!

7. What do you hope readers take out of your latest book? 
My latest release, Beautiful Music centers on the sanctity of life, and overcoming the guilt and the shame of a shaded past. What I hope readers take away from this story is that life is precious, and nothing is beyond God’s mercy and redemption.

8. A couple of fun questions to end if you were to come to Australia what would you most like to see?
 I would absolutely love to explore the Outback, but I’m an ocean girl, too, so Australia would be a slice of heaven. I guess, all in all, I couldn’t go wrong anywhere I visit in Australia. And then there are those adorable, sweet little ‘Roos!!!! (Jenny here We have alot of ocean and some beautiful beaches.)

9. Do you have a favourite Ice cream flavour (this interview was composed on a day where it was over 100 in Australia)? Over 100 degrees – yikes!   
My fav ice cream flavor is chocolate/peanut butter. Delicious!!!

10. Finally can you tell us about your current books and/or any that will be coming out soon. Also where we can find you on the web.

Beautiful Music is book 2 of the Sal’s Place series (Book 1 is Search and Rescue if you’d like to jump on over the e-retailers and give it a go!) These books will be followed by By Appointment Only and Windfall. I have two more releases coming out in late 2014, as well as a four-book series, Sisters of Spirit that I’m so very excited about! These books are so heart-touching, and are flowing from my fingertips, which is a wonderful feeling!! I’m also working on two more books in my Hearts Haven anthology with fellow Pelican Book Group authors Delia Latham, Mary Manners and Tanya Stowe! Check out the ones that have already released – they’re magical, and full of angels and romance!!

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