14 February 2013

Thursdays with Authors with Ann Lee Miller

Please welcome Ann Lee Miller back to my blog so you can get to know her more and her about her latest book.

1.      Can you tell us a something interesting that readers may not know about you?
My father built a sailboat in the back yard that my family lived on for a few years. So far, all my books have sailboats in them. (that would be so cool)
2.      Do you get to read many books and if so do you have a favourite Genre?
I have always got a couple of books going. My favorite genres are romance, coming of age, and women’s fiction. In a perfect world, I’d like a blend of all three. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of Southern fiction.
3.      How do you come up with ideas for books?
Usually, some little nugget sticks in my head for years—like meeting a ranger and his dog in a pick-up truck when my husband and I were out hiking in the desert. Listening to my favorite musician, I wondered what it would be like if a guy fell in love with a woman’s voice. These were the first pieces of two of my novels. Avra’s God’s impetus was my longing to see a couple in my life reconcile and heal.
4.      In your latest book did you learn any interesting titbits in your research?
I didn’t do a lot of research for this book because it is set in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, where I attended high school. I did have to visit and take lots of pictures. It really made me homesick. I live across the country in the desert now—Phoenix, Arizona.
5.      What does a typical writing day look like?
I usually spend time reading the Bible and praying, eat breakfast, exercise. I have to get my writing for the day done before I turn on the internet, so usually I write 2-4 hours depending what else is going on in my life. Then, I work on administrative tasks the rest of the day.
6.      If you had one tip for aspiring writers what would it be?
Always work on improving. Try to write every day. Read craft books, swap critiques, attend conferences. Never give up. My favorite craft book is Scene And Structure by Jack Bickham. A close second is Donald Maass’ The Fire in Fiction.
7.      What do you hope readers take out of your latest book?
When one person has a strong relationship with God, it affects everyone around them in a positive way. Avra’s God is about walking the long road to reconciliation. I hope that my readers will value their relationships enough to work at preserving them.
8.      A couple of fun questions to end if you were to come to Australia what would you most like to see?
I’d like to see the Outback. (There is a lot to see and it is pretty)
9. Do you have a favourite Ice cream flavour (this interview was composed on a day where it was over 100 in Australia)?
Our summers are hot, too, 105-115 degrees. But we have lovely winters, usually around 70 degrees. I like raspberry with chocolate chunks or most nutty flavors.
10. Finally can you tell us about your current books and/or any that will
be coming out soon. Also where we can find you on the web.
Here’s the back cover to Avra’s God:
In the tradition of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, four friends navigate college and the drama churned up by their Florida beach band to cement friendship and more.

Avra wants love, but drummer Cisco—self-medicating from his parents’ divorce with sex and intoxicants—is a poor choice. Cisco hungers for fresh-baked cookies and the scent of family he finds at Avra’s.

Kallie shares her classically trained singing voice only with lead vocalist Jesse and fights to keep her heart safe. Jesse feeds on fame and hides more than insecurity beneath his guitar.

The friends surf ego, betrayal, and ambition and head for wipe-out. But somehow, when they’re not looking, Avra’s God changes them all.
Twitter: @AnnLeeMiller
Author Bio: Ann Lee Miller earned a BA in creative writing from Ashland (OH) University and writes full-time in Phoenix, but left her heart in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, where she grew up. She loves speaking to young adults and guest lectures on writing at several Arizona colleges. When she isn't writing or muddling through some crisis--real or imagined--you'll find her hiking in the Superstition Mountains with her husband or meddling in her kids' lives.


Ann Lee Miller said...


Thanks so much for having me! Such a treat to visit Australia. :)

I forgot to mention that if anyone would like to sample my writing, free e-copies of my debut novel, Kicking Eternity, are available at AnnLeeMiller.com.

PurlingPenny said...

Another interesting interview , thanks Jenny!
I shall visit Ann Lee's sight and check out the free read!

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