1 February 2013

MIA this week

My modem died on Monday night and have had limited access till today when the new modem arrived and I finally got it working. I hope to get a few reviews up this weekend.

I now also have a new brace for my wrist which is still healing which lets me use my fingers to type although still need to be careful how much I do. But it is improving slowly. 

Of to a slow start this year reading wise only 6 books but hopefully will pick up. Still need to sign up for a couple of challengers. Last year I failed both mainly due to my health crisis and then mum's death.

My interview for this week also has been reschedule due to issues. 

In the coming weeks I hope to have a couple of Australian giveaways. 

1 comment:

Dana Mentink said...

Jenny, I'm glad your wrist is healing. Be good to yourself and take it slow. :)

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