28 February 2013

Getting to know you Thursdays with Regina Scott

Please welcome Regina Scott to my blog today. Regina has a new Love Inspired Historical coming out in March.

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m the author of 23 books set in the Regency period of England, a mother of two, an avid costumer, and probably more organized than I should be.

2. When you were a child did you have a favourite book or books?
The Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander (The Book of Three being the first in the series).  I read them the first time in elementary school, and then again and again over the years.  I shared them with my children too.

3. Do you have a favourite Genre to both read and write?
I love a good romance with adventure mixed in, which is what I tend to write as well.  But I also love a good epic fantasy, science fiction that’s not too gritty, and a historic or cozy mystery.

4. Did you have favourite authors growing up who have influenced you?
I will never be able to paint a scene as well as Mary Stewart.  I just don’t have it in me.  She was brilliant.  Victoria Holt was also a favorite.  But the reason I write Regencies is because I fell in love with the time period through the work of Elizabeth Mansfield.

5. When did you know you wanted to be an author?
Third grade, when I figured out that someone actually got to write all the wonderful stories I was reading.

6. How did you go about becoming an author?
I started writing stories.  Children’s books (well, I was a child!), then teen adventures, and then stories about adults.  I knew it would be hard to break in (everyone said so!), but I’d heard that if you could write a Regency romance, it was a good way entry point because there was a constant demand and you needed a certain voice.  I had the voice, I loved the genre, and the stories spoke to me, so I tried.  And I was offered a contract to write two, which led to more and more.

7. If you were not a writer what would you like to be?
That is a very hard question.  I’ve been many other things on the way to becoming a writer—nanny, technical writer, scientist, business owner.  But I’ve never found anything I loved more than writing.

8. Outside reading and writing what do you like to do?
I love stories—so, take me to a play or a movie, and I’ll be nearly as happy as reading a book.  I enjoy sewing—clothes and things for the house.  And I’m constantly learning something new.

9. Do you have a place you love to visit or would love to visit?
I’ve been to England only once, and I’d love to go back again.  There are so many places I’ve read about (and written about!) that I want to see.  And I really want to get to Australia and New Zealand someday.

10. If you could have a meal with 3 living people who would you choose and why?
Right now, I’m just thankful when both my sons are home from college and work and can sit around the table with me.  I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have dinner with.
Where to find me on the web:
Website:  www.reginascott.com

Upcoming Books:
March 2013 (ISBN 978-0-373-82956-9, Love Inspired Historical)

To keep her cherished childhood home, Samantha Everard must marry by her twenty-fifth birthday. Yet she refuses to marry on a whim, even to save her fortune. When she returns to Dallsten Manor to say goodbye, the last person she expects to see is her handsome, disapproving neighbor William Wentworth, Earl of Kendrick.
Will is certain the scandalous Everards are nothing but trouble. He shouldn't care about Samantha's predicament, but her feistiness and kindheartedness intrigue him-as do the secrets surrounding her. Soon his greatest wish becomes to persuade Samantha that her true home is with him.


Regina Scott said...

Thanks, Jenny, for having me on your blog! If anyone has questions, I'm happy to answer!

Dorothy Adamek said...

What a pretty cover! I like the sound of this one. Thanks for sharing, Jenny. xx

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