9 January 2013

ACRBA Blog Tour A Simple Mistake by Andrea Grigg

7 – 11 January

is introducing

(Wombat Books 1 April 2012)

Andrea Grigg

About the Author:
Andrea Grigg grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, but has lived most of her life in Australia. She lives with her husband on Queensland's Gold Coast, where they have raised their three adult children – two daughters and a son. If she isn't teaching ten-year-olds, being a domestic executive or socialising, Andrea can be found in her cave, writing stories.

Short Book Description:
When Nick and Lainey meet again after 10 years so much has changed. Nick is now a famous celebrity and Lainey is the girl he left behind. As a member of a highly successful band and with an emerging acting career Nick can have any girl he wants. Now he wants Lainey back.
They had been so close when growing up, but after Nick left to seek fame and fortune, Lainey had never heard from him again. Now she has moved on from what she felt for Nick as a teenager. Or has she?
After discovering what kept them apart for so long, they tentatively rekindle their past romance. The feelings are just as strong as before but can Lainey accept Nick's lack of faith? And can their new relationship survive Lainey's secret?

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

My Review:
I bought this book last year when it was first released but hadn't had a chance to read it. It is an interesting read and I did enjoy it. At the same time there were times I found it slow reading and just wanted something to happen. I was knew it would happen and was wishing it to happen sooner. There were also times it moved quickly and as the book moved on the speed picked up. I enjoyed Lainey but had a lot of trouble relating to Nick. I think it was more the fact of his occupation its not a lifestyle I have much knowledge of but was interested in seeing where the story went. I would say for some of my American friends the book is a little edgy with some of the conversations and things that happen although at the same time real to life and while edgy it is still a very clean book, just some may be uncomfortable with some of the dialogue. I did enjoy seeing the struggles Lainey and Nick had to endure and seeing what would happen. I would read more books from the Author.

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