5 December 2012

Book Review A Cascades Christmas by Mildred Colvin, Mary Davis, Lee Debby, Gina Welborn

Book Description

Christmas Romance Reigns in the Majestic Northwest
Historic Washington Territory forms a rich backdrop for romance when four woodsmen seek jobs and adventure but find their hearts falling in love instead.
After a fire takes his parents, Jeremiah Tucker is afraid to love. More than anything he wants a home of his own, but falling for a tomboy like Anna takes him by surprise.
Frederick Corrigan is a reckless man who blames himself for a terrible logging accident. He longs for security and love, but will he find it in the dangers of the woods—and in the heart of Emma Pearson?
E. V. Renier has his heart set on marrying Larkin Whitworth. But Larkin fears E.V.’s love might not be as strong as the shameful truth she’s hiding.
Willum Tate was burned once by the woman he loved, and he’s not sure he’s ready to risk his heart again. Natalie Bollen has been anxiously awaiting her eighteenth birthday so she can start courting. But there’s only one man she hopes comes calling.
Will time and tenderness win over hesitant hearts—just in time for Christmas?
My Review:
Thanks to NetGalley for my review copy.
This is another of Barbour's Christmas Novella's. I look forward to these each year and this one didn't disappoint. I like how all 4 stories are connected with the same location and 4 friends. The 4 friends are men who have come to the area to work in different vocations from farmer, logger, mill owner, train driver. The four come from different backgrounds with different issues. In each story there is a heroine with her own issues or problems. I love how the stories are interwoven. Each story has its own special charm. 
Good Christmas read.

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