22 September 2012

What a difference a couple of days can make.

One Jigsaw done at Christmas 3 years ago.

I thought it was time do to an update. I am staying up til 10.30 pm and let me just say its hard. I understand the need to re-establish my sleep pattern however at the same time its hard when I am so tired. The good news is I am sleeping at least 5 and a half hours a night. Last night I was able to get back to sleep at 4 for an hour or so. While I am still tired I am feeling so much better for the sleep. Things don't seem as hard with sleep. I don't have the same overwhelming feelings. I still feel like I am missing a map or compass in a strange city but I feel I am navigating as well as I can.  I know there will still be hard times ahead but I can do so much more with sleep. 

With sleep comes the energy to eat better. I cooked a roast today. Now I will set this up. Mum taught me to bake but not cook meals. I knew how to do things like Poached eggs, Bacon, Sausages and Spaghetti Sauce which I taught myself but things like roast etc she didn't teach me or let me do. Even simple things like cooking the veggies she didn't let me do or teach me. The first Roast I cooked was not long after she was in the nursing home and it wasn't to bad but next was bad I put water in it like mum did but to much and it was boiled not roasted and yuck. 

Well legs of lamb were on special this week so I got a half leg and decided to cook it today. I even got a new electric frying pan with a love gift from some friends. The one I had was so stained and just didn't look good so I got a new one today. Came home and set it up seared the meat then set it to roasting. I also roasted potato for the first time ever and cooked carrots and peas also for the first time. (I can do carrot etc in spaghetti sauce.) I have to say it tasted good and now I have cold lamb for several meals and may freeze some for later. 

As you can see I am eating better. Still do not have much appetite at tea time but thats ok. I often have milk at night which is like a meal. I am also keeping active with gardening and other things. I have found while tv is so boring at night with little to nothing to watch I have started listening to praise music and am doing a jigsaw. Although right now its at a point I need better light to do the next section. Mum gave me jigsaws the past 2 years for Christmas that I haven't done yet. I normally do jigsaws from Christmas to New Year and mum has given me one for several years now (the past few they have been on special for $4 so I would get 5). I am doing one with kittens at present. 

I would love to read but if I did in bed I would find I had to turn the lights out to early and to read in the lounge room I am to tired to concentrate. I still have an hour to go tonight and right now would love to just go to bed. 

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