3 September 2012

Mums Celebration service

As I mentioned in my last post today was mum's funeral. The above photo is of the flowers that were on her casket and then brought to the church and displayed along with a bible and candle. Mum would have loved them as they were so vibrant and included many flowers she couldn't have in latter years due to allergies. She also hated white flowers cos they reminded her of funerals. We had always said we would have the brightest flowers and didn't matter if they had pollen or not. She loved all flowers. I know she would have approved.

We started with a committal service at the graveside and it was short but moving. Just as she would want. She didn't want people to remember her at the graveside. It was one thing she found really hard about funerals and after on dear friend of hers had a thanksgiving service with the graveside service first she said thats how I want it. I don't want people having to go to the grave and I do not want my casket in the church. I want them to remember my life with thanksgiving as I will be in eternity with God.

I had friends supporting me and a few of use went for a coffee or in my case Iced Chocolate between services. (It was very much appreciated and needed more so than I knew at the time). The celebration service was next and I have to thank my friend Dot who played for us. She played many of the old hymns mum loved and at the speed mum loved. Mum hated when people slowed down hymns she wanted them sung and played like they should be. Going into the service I had 2 good friends with me and she played the hymn thats sustaining me at present but the version Dad use to love to sing of Living He loved me, Dying He saved me. (New version by Casting Crowns is Oh Glorious Day). We sang 2 songs mum picked out for her funeral in Great is Thy Faithfulness and When the Roll is Called up Yonder I'll be there. We also read a couple of readings that were special to her. My SIL read one and her granddaughter the other and read beautifully. My brother delivered the eulogy which was a tribute to mum. It is interesting how some of his memories of mum running around playing trying to catch us I have no recollection of at all. My memory is more of mum in the kitchen cooking with me and playing inside games. In the homily her life verse was the feature my paraphase of it is "The Eternal God is My refuge and underneath are the Everlasting arms." She quoted that verse so often and took great comfort in the fact she never hit rock bottom cos God's arms were beneath her. It was a fitting service mum would have loved. It wasn't sad. I did have some tears but found it uplifting.

After the service its a blurr. The 2 children I mentioned in the last post are now grown up and both were there. It was so good as both Brownyn and Shannon held a special place in her heart. Brownyn's children were there including the baby and it was so cool to see them after several years. We did spend time catching up. Also others there it was good to catch up with. One lady made jelly cakes because I had commented on them earlier in the year saying they reminded me of mum's cooking and she made them because of that. I didn't get  much to eat due to chatting but did get a couple of these. I couldn't tell you half the people there or even most of the people I spoke to or didn't speak to as was the case in some instances.

Mum's 80th album was a hit many came up and said what a great memory it is and I will treasure it and am so glad I created it for her (and for myself as when I made it I knew it would be my memory book also one day).  I am writing this now as although I am exhausted I still can't sleep so am hoping getting the thoughts down will help.

I know mum is looking down and smiling at the great job done today by everyone. Thank you for sharing my memories of the best mum a girl could possibly have.


PurlingPenny said...

Jenny it sounds like a perfect way to celebrate your mom's life, and what was important to her. So glad you've been encouraged and strengthened by family and friends. One of my dad's favourite hymn was Oh Glorious Day.... now I can hear him singing. What a hope we have to anchor our souls.

sending you love across the oceans

Amanda Deed said...

Sounds like a special day, Jenny, and a fitting way to send your mum off. Blessings XXOO

pol said...

I think you are right AusJenny writing will probably help you a lot, thanks for sharing your MUM with us.
Thoughts and prayers from your american friend Paula O

Keli Gwyn said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Jenny. It sounds like the service was a lovely way to celebrate her life and all she meant to you.

Naomi Rawlings said...

Sounds like a beautiful time! But I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Lyn Cote said...

So glad you had good friends and family to share the day with. Funerals are important in families though that may see odd. But they remind us of our connections that go beyond the everyday of life.

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