20 August 2012

Book review A Sweethaven homecoming by Courtney Walsh

A country music star has no reason to visit a sleepy town like Sweethaven, unless every relationship she treasures is in jeopardy. 
When Meghan Rhodes is confronted by her dark past on national television, she knows she has one choice: to return home to Sweethaven and fight for the only thing that matters: her family. But even quaint cottage towns can house painful memories. Estranged from her mother, her children and the friends who once knew her better than anybody, Meghan is on a journey of redemption. As she searches for forgiveness as well as the ability to forgive, she begins to discover the healing power of the truth. Fighting unresolved feelings for her ex-husband, her desire to stay angry over her mother’s betrayal and her own regret, Meghan’s homecoming both challenges and terrifies her. As she embraces the scrapbook that tells the story of her triumphs and not her mistakes, Meghan dares to hope she can repair precious relationships and prove herself worthy of the love she’s never felt she deserved. Can this country music sensation repair precious relationships and prove herself worthy of the love she’s never felt she deserved?

My Review:
I received this book as part of the CFBA tour.
When the first book was released I had to read it partly cos of the Authors name. As many know I am a cricket fanatic and a famous West Indian cricketer is Courtney Walsh. I loved the first book and wanted to read more of this story. This book takes us back to Sweethaven and we learn more of Meghan's story.  We see the same ladies from the first book with Jane, Lila, Adele and Campbell and this time Meghan is back in Sweethaven. We see how Jane is still struggling to forgive Meghan over the death of her son, we also see how the death affected Meghan. We see Lila struggling with her husbands news about Campbell and we see Campbell wondering about Luke. Adele also has issues she is dealing with and we see how she acts affects Meghan. This book has a lot in it but it does deal with healing, forgiveness and importantly understanding. We also see how each person has a different take on an issue which can colour there judgement. I love how Courtney showed this and I love some of her solutions. One scene that I found very touching was when Jane was confronted with an issue and later how she dealt with it by being honest to herself and to others and how this really helped her. 
Another good read and I look forward to more books in the series.

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