15 July 2012

Book Review Wooing the Schoolmarm by Dorothy Clark

Book description:
A Spinster by Choice  When Willa Wright's fiancé abandoned her, he ended all her hopes for romance. Now she dedicates herself to teaching Pinewood's children, including the new pastor's young wards. If she didn't know better, Reverend Calvert's kindness could almost fool Willa into caring again. Almost... Though Matthew Calvert adores his niece and nephew, he wants a family of his own, too. The more he sees of the pretty schoolteacher, the more he wants that future with her.  Yet Willa, so warm to her pupils, is ice-cool toward him.  But where there's a woman like Willa, there's a man determined to guide her back to love.

My review.
Thanks to Netgalley for my review copy.

I enjoyed this book. I like that Willa is content to be single and loves being a teacher. She has had a hard life with her father leaving her mother and her when she was young and this has turned her against being married. Then comes the new Reverend with his niece and nephew after the death of there parents. Her best friend who happens to be quite self centered sets her mind on being Matthews wife which further causes Willa issues. Willa doesn't want to like Matthew when her friend loves him. She has fallen for the children and wants to help them adjust to life with there uncle. I enjoyed how the book played out. The friend really annoyed me at times. (Im sorry due to sickness her name escapes my memory) but I know there were times her self centerness really frustrated me. Add to the mix an ex boyfriend who thinks he still has a claim on Willa and there are some interesting scenes. This is a good read and I look forward to more in the series. 

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