12 June 2012

Book Review The Promise of Home by Kathryn Springer

Back of the Book

As temporary guardian of her sister's two children, big-city magazine columnist Jenna Gardner is forced to face her past. She isn't in Mirror Lake for long before she realizes that everything has changed. And it's not her past throwing her off-kilter now—it's handsome next-door neighbor, Dev McGuire. Though Dev gets under her skin, he quickly proves himself an excellent father figure for the children. Soon he's encouraging Jenna to believe in second chances. But it'll take a leap of faith to believe that her future just might be in Mirror Lake after all.

My Review:

Firstly thanks to Harliquin and Netgalley for my review copy.
This is my first book by Kathryn but it won’t be my last. I found out this is the third book set in Mirror Lake Wisconsin but if you haven’t read the other two books you won’t be confused. This book is a stand-alone read but I am sure the others would add to it. In this book we see Jenna arriving at the place her sister and children had been living. Now to set this up Jenna is a city girl who is use to the best of city living and where she is now is a small town and the home leaves a lot to be desired. Next door is Dev who is very much a recluse and seems to be a thorn in her flesh. He also seems to be there when they need him. I enjoyed the story and it read well. Sometimes I will read a book that seems to take ages and then books like this one I seem to be flying through them. I read this in a day which even for me is fast. I love the people and the caring shown here. Jenna has a lot of past hurts that she is dealing with and letting people in is not easy. We see her discovering things about herself. What I really like is the way the book plays out so we see the insecurities and why they are happening. Trust is a major issue this book tackles. Well worth the read. 

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