16 June 2012

Book Review The Baron's Governess Bride by Deborah Hale

The Baron's Governess Bride
Title: The Baron's Governess BrideLord Steadwell's three motherless daughters were heartbroken when their last governess ran off to elope. In her dowdy cap and spectacles, Grace Ellerby seems an ideal replacement—a nurturing, intelligent woman uninterested in marriage. No wonder Rupert doesn't recognize Grace as the golden-haired vision at a masked ball, who slips away before midnight….
Frightened by the unwanted attentions of previous employers, Grace resolved to hide her beauty…and her growing feelings for Rupert. One enchanted evening changes everything. For with Grace's three adorable charges playing fairy godmother, Rupert may discover his happy ending is closer than he thinks.

My Review:
Thank to Haliquin and Netgalley for my review copy.

This is a good story. We see Grace wanting a job but at the same time hiding her beauty under clothes, glasses and a cap. She has had issues in previous jobs with unwanted advances. She has an interview for a new job as governess with Lord Steadwell. Rupert is looking for a plain governess for his girls as he wants her to stay till the girls grow up. This is a different take on Cinderella here we have a beautiful lady inside and out who is hiding her looks. We also have the Lords three girls who are not looking for a step mother and after reading a Cinderella story see step mothers are evil. I love the interaction with the girls. Grace has to work hard to gain the children's respect. I also like that Rupert isn't the normal aristocrat, he cares about his lands and government and is not comfortable doing the normal social events. This is the type of book I much prefer. This book deals with preconceived opinions practically if a girl is beautiful they are fair game and will use there beauty to get ahead and if they are born plain they will be safer to hire as no one will want to marry them. I loved how this book shows this issue up. Good read and its changed my opinion of all regency books.

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