29 May 2012

Book Review The Lawman Claims His Bride by Renee Ryan

Book Description
The Marshal's Homecoming
For five years, U.S. Marshal Logan Mitchell has dreamed of returning to his sweetheart in Denver. He never imagined he'd find Megan Goodwin locked in a prison cell. Megan has no memory of what happened the night the outlaw was murdered. And though Logan is sure of her innocence, proving it is only half the battle. Remembering the killer's identity will clear Megan's name but could lead danger right to her door. Logan will protect her life with his. But forging a true marriage takes trust, faith and the courage to open their hearts to God's plan-wherever it leads...

My Review:
I really enjoyed this book. It starts out with Megan in big trouble she is trapped by an outlaw and then ends up in Jail for his death. Logan is a US Marshal who has loved Megan for 5 years and is back to marry her finds her in jail. He doesn't believe she's guilty but Megan has no memory of what happened. Logan wants to protect Megan and that means Marrying her. I love how the story unfolds and we see the struggles that Megan and Logan face. Logan feels he has to protect Megan and at times is treating her as if she is fragile, something Megan is not happy about, she also questions if he really loves her or if he just feels a sense of protection. I also love the mystery aspect of this story. Great book.

1 comment:

Narelle Atkins said...

Jenny, thanks for the review. This book sounds like a fascinating read - it's not often the heroine is in jail at the start of the story :)

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