22 May 2012

Book review Beyond Resolution by Rose Dee

Book description:

Samara lives a life filled with fear. After being discarded and beaten by her trouble making boyfriend, she takes one easy out after another. Her choices lead her down the road of self-destruction, into the degrading world of stripping and a life spent looking over her shoulder. Until an encounter with a stranger on a Kings Cross Street provides the catalyst for a life changing event that leads her back home.

Resolution is the last place in the world Jed wants to be. One drastic decision has led him to the Island resort and back into strained contact with his brother, Flynn.

From the bright lights of Sydney to the blue waters of Resolution Island,Beyond Resolution is a story that provides a window into the joy of forgiveness, trust and peace.

My Review:
I read book one last year and was eagerly awaiting this book. I liked this book even more than book one. The book starts out with Samara living in Sydney and a worldly life which had her basically out in the cold. The start is edgier than some Christian Fiction but in saying this it is needed and still clean but you get the feel of what Samara is feeling and living. What happens to her and how a meeting with a stranger change her life is very believable and interesting to see. There is also mystery in this book and light suspense which follow Samara when she returns home. The one person she isn't expecting to see is Jed, Flynn's brother. They have a history in Brisbane till something goes wrong. Jed blames Samara for alot of things that in reality were not all her fault. Jed has his own demons he needs to work out. 
Even after Samara returns home there still seems to be things happening from her past and the mystery kept me wondering what would happen next. I went to bed having read 25% of the book intending to just read one more chapter. 2 am I finished the book as I just could not put it down. Rose had me hooked from the beginning and the longer the book went the more I was pulled in. 
This book deals with issues such as forgiveness both of others and ones self, acceptance of what has happened in the past and accepting responsibility for the issues. Also dealing with the consequences of ones actions and dealing with them. This book is definitely in my top reads of this year. Great Aussie Drama.


Adam Collings said...

How crucial is it to have read the first book before reading this one?

Ausjenny said...

It would be a benefit as Flynn is introduced in the first book and it deals with his and Samara's history.
But I think you would still be follow the story fine without having that history.

In a week or two I will be giving away one of these books on my blog thanks to Rose and she will give the winner the choice.

Helen W said...

Great to hear you enjoyed this book too! I only just finished Back to Resolution this morning, so I'm a bit behind :) But I enjoyed it, and this follow up looks interesting!

Ausjenny said...

Helen I loved this book even more than the first one. Its a darker start but its needed to set the story up.

Rose Dee said...

Thank you for reading and reviewing 'Beyond Resolution', Jenny.

Elizabeth Lhuede said...

Hi Jenny
Thanks for signing up for the AWW challenge this year. How did you go?

Have you seen this feedback survey? It would be great to have your response.


It's only 10 questions, mostly check boxes, takes 2 minutes, and will provide feedback to Bookseller & Publisher.

Even if you didn't reach your challenge this year, your feedback is valued. I hope you'll join us again for AWW Challenge 2013.

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