26 May 2012

3 Book Reviews of the Men of Allergany County by Ruth Logan Herne

Book Description:
Securing a location for his family's chain of sweet shops is big-city businessman Danny Graham's secret mission. But Grandma Mary's Candies will mean the end of Megan Russo's little shop—and the end of her dreams. How can Danny put a quaint, small-town candy shop out of business? Especially one owned by a kind young woman who's lost too much already? Still, here he is, trying to romance his sweet rival?although Megan doesn't know who he really is. Seems like Danny needs to look into his own heart and discover what matters most.

My Review:
This is the second in the Men of Allegany county series. Another good read. I had read the first book when I realised I didn't have the 3rd book. So I decided to wait till I had it to read the next 3 books at the same time. this book features megan who runs a candy store and Danny who's family run a candy business. He is in town to find a venue for a tribute store and runs into Megan and her mentally challenged brother, Ben. Ben is fun and maybe an adult but has the thinking of a child and the same mischief. Megan is passionate about her shop and how she makes the candies and has built up a good business which Danny may destroy. Megan has also had some bad relationships and is not looking for a relationship of any kind. I really loved Megan and her work ethic, the way she could make the candies (I wish I could but candy making and I equal disaster). I also love the way she cares for Ben. Danny is also interesting, he gets on well with Ben and treats him with respect and also sees things from a different perspective. The problems start when his reason for being in the area are found out. It is interesting how sometimes instead of talking with a person to get all the facts and letting them answer we often only hear enough to convince us we know the whole story. Where in effect its is not always the case. With Megan this is the case she is so use to being used she hears only part of the story. This is a good book.

Book Description;
High-powered businessman Jeff Brennan can't figure out why he's so smitten with the town's new librarian. Hannah Moore is quiet, skittish—and wants nothing to do with him. Yet as they work together on a fundraiser, Jeff resolves to discover why she came to the small New York town. Is working two jobs and tutoring kids with special needs an escape for Hannah? If so, Jeff is determined to show her that love can be the most powerful healing force of all. 

Book review:
This was the book I was waiting on. I am so glad I bought it. I love all Ruth's books but this one is special. We met Hannah in the previous book but this book tells her story. Right from the start we know there is something more but I would never have guessed what. I wish I could discuss this book fully as we see how courageous Hannah is but I don't like giving anything away. I will say she is a lot stronger than she thinks she is and I really appreciate this story in so many ways. Jeff is a high powered business man who is co-chairing a fundraising committee with Hannah neither want to do the job but they find working together they work well together. Jeff can see there is more to Hannah than she is showing and wants to help her if she will let him. This book deals with healing and also not judging someone on appearances. Very good read.

Book Description:
When Matt Cavanaugh returns to his Allegany County hometown, he's not as rough around the edges as he used to be. The former marine is a successful contractor now, a man who believes in the Lord and old-fashioned hard work. But when he buys a bankrupt subdivision, he realizes he's stepped on single mom Callie Burdick's dreams for her family. And when Matt learns about Callie's troubled past, he's determined to rebuild her trust-plus and entire community - in time for Christmas!

My Review:
I have to say I really like Callie, she isn't a gal thats scared to get her hands dirty, she can work on a building site with the best of them. Callie is however a single mom who along with her family are struggling to make ends meet after there subdivistion was bankrupted. Matt who we met in the previous book has bought this subdivision and needs Callie's families help. Both Matt and Callie carry wounds from the past one from things he did that he isn't proud of and the other by a selfish ex husband. I can identify with Callie in some ways, she isn't a girly girl, she is happy to work with power tooks and wear flannel shirts and not wear makeup or the pretty clothes. I maynot work in construction or wear flannel shirts but I also dont wear makeup and dont spent hours on hair and clothes. In saying this both Callie and I do like to have some nice clothes to wear etc. Also because of the lack of funds it means her son sometimes has to go without but we see he has learnt not to ask cos of the money. He is 8 but I too remember times when I knew we couldn't afford something so rather than ask I would just not mention it. I learnt early the value of money and that you can still have a good time without spending alot of money. I really likes how Ruth shows this. We see both Matt and Callie face issues from there past and see them deal with them in different ways. We also see again how we perceive an issue may not be how it is to others. I am eagerly awaiting the next book due out in a month. I actually have it on preorder. 

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