25 April 2012

changing comments posting

Hi all,
Due to a lot of spam the past few days I have changed the posting settings. everyone who posts will still be able to comment as most have an id with either google, or one of the other platforms. I am only deleting the anonymous option as this is what the spammers are using. This shouldn't affect anyone here but just wanted to alert you to the change. I do appreciate all my readers and commenters. 

1 comment:

Laetitia :-) said...

Alternatively, you can turn moderation on - it will require you to vet all the comments so you accept only those that are real. There's also an option to 'moderate' by getting posters to type the words that they see in a box - helps to weed out the computer-generated spam automatically (i.e. without your having to read each one before allowing them to show on your site.

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