19 April 2012

Book Review Polar Opposites by Susan Page Davis

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After her husband died tragically, Cheryl Holland accepted she would never love again. She finds contentment in her family and in her new career at a veterinary office. But when she meets Dr. Oz  Thormond, the new vet for her son-in-law’s practice, she can’t deny the sparks—or the reality that they seem to have nothing in common. Will Cheryl and Oz allow God to reveal His plan for these polar opposites, that theirs is more than just a magnetic attraction?

Book Review:
This is one of the books I bought the end of last year and have been slowly reading. (well not so slow). I picked this one cos of the location. Something about sitting in the warm sun reading about the cold of Alaska. Cheryl works as a office manager for her son in law  after the death of her husband a few years back. Oz has accepted a job with her son in law as long as he can still take time of to partake in polar bear studies. Cheryl feels a spark when she first meets Oz but there lives are so different with nothing in common that she can't see him lasting. I love the fact we have slightly older hero and heroine in this book. Watching the book unfold was page turning. We also have the rugged back drop of Alaska and polar bears. This is a good read and I now want to read the other 2 in the series.  It is also a stand alone book.

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Marianne said...

Sounds great, Jenny. Thanks for your review

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