3 April 2012

Book Review Her Lone Star Cowboy by Debra Clopton

Book Description:

With his harrowing childhood behind him, cowboy Jess Holden made some promises to himself. He’ll remain a bachelor. Won’t ever get involved with a certain kind of woman. But then he rescues a lovely newcomer—and two scared calves—from a flashflood in the middle of Texas Hill Country.
Not only is veterinarian’s assistant Gaby Newberry a reminder of his past she’s a granddaughter of a Mule Hollow Matchmaker! But as sweet, spunky Gabi tends ailing cattle on his ranch, Jess begins to discover that some promises are meant to be broken.
Book Review:
Firstly thanks to NetGalley for my review copy.
This is the second book in the Mule Hollow Homecoming series and just as good as the first book. The book can be read alone and followed easily. Gaby has moved back to Mule Hollow to work as a veterinarian's assistant. While out doing her job she gets caught in a flashflood with a trailer with two calves in it. Jess Holden just happens buy and helps. From here things get interesting. Neither Gaby or Jess want a relationship more than friendship as Jess had a childhood which left alot to be desired and left him determined to never marry and Gaby has come out of a relationship also. Of course in Mule hollow is a matchmaking trio of elderly women, one being Gaby's grandmother who does respect her grandaughter's need to get over the relationship but this doesn't stop the other matchmakers wanting to see Jess and her find love. I love the interaction between the two and also the other towns people. I also love how Gaby is strong and capable and not needly like some seem to think. This is another good book by Debra.

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