4 March 2012

Say 33 - You in 33 Questions

I found this meme on Kaye Dacus's blog and thought it looked like fun. Feel free to take and use on your own blog (and post a link in the comments if you do!).
Say 33—You in 33 Questions
1. Your main trait: easy going
2. The quality you like best in a man: honesty and integrity
3. The quality you like best in a woman: friendship
4. Your main flaw: procrastinator
5. Last time you cried: watching something on tv I think it was someone dying.
6. Ideal job: Professional cricket watcher or promoting christian fiction.
7. Scent of a place: rain in the mountains
8. Beloved movie: The MusicMan
9. Book on the nightstand: a few books I have read and currently my kindle with Saving hope by Margaret Daley.
10. First and best kiss: when it happens I will tell you.
11. You couldn’t do without: books
12. How you would like to die: in my sleep
13. Song you sing in the shower: whatever's stuck in my head and thats a scary thought
14. Your deadly sin: chocolate (literally it makes me sick)
15. Your not-so-deadly sin: chips
16. Your motto: It could be worse
17. Ideal first date: when it happens I will let you know
18. Favorite present: My autographed bear with most of the Western Australian team my friend gave me.
19. What you do on the train: Read, don't go on trains much.
20. Something you’d change in your body: my teeth
21. Your addiction: Junk food
22. Now on your left: table for laptop
23. Now on your right: please don't ask its kinda a big mess.
24. Now in front of you: lap top and tv.
25. Now behind you: a wall
26. 3 names for (of) your children: what children do you know something I dont know?
27. 3 things in your purse: wallet, comb, key
28. 3 places that fascinate you: Hawaii, Canada, Western Australia
29. 3 people you’d like to meet: My good friend Sheri, Cheryl Wyatt, Gilbert Morris
30. 3 traits that annoy you in others: Negativity, Dishonesty, being overly critical of people and things.
31. 3 values inherited from your parents: Money management, helping others, contentment in my circumstances.
32. In your past life you were: Married
33. In your future life you’ll be: A child of the King


Jenni said...

Nice list.
"being overly critical of people and things"

Yes! I've seen so much of this lately and it's so off-putting.

How is Saving Hope?

Ausjenny said...

Saving Hope was a great read and very relevant for today. Its a book parents of teens would benefit from reading and letting there teens read.

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