13 March 2012

Book Review Suzannah's Gold by Carol Preston

Book Description:
Suzannah Casey was just twelve years old when she was transported to the Australian colony from Ireland . When given the opportunity to begin a new life on the Goulburn Plains with ex-convict George Oakes, she could never have imagined the trauma and loss that was ahead of her.

As she faces the harsh Australian land and the weaknesses of people around her, Suzannah must find within herself the strength and faith to not only survive but also rise above cruelty, disappointment, abandonment, illness, religious bigotry and finally her own yearnings in order to discover what is more precious than gold. 

Suzannah Casey and the other central characters in this story were real people. Many of the details of their lives and the experiences they lived through have been taken from historical records. 

The value of Suzannah’s life lives on in her descendants, all of whom have carried and will carry on the legacy of hope and faith which life taught her.

My Review:

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy. I had read Mary's two latest books and really enjoyed them, so was looking forward to reading this book. It didn't let me down. Suzannah has come to Australia as a convict and has an encounter with Caroline Chisholm which sees her in a better place than she may have been. She then ends up in Goulburn Plains where she meets George. We see the struggles of the early settlers in Australia and the hardships they faced from droughts to floods to bushfires. We also see the struggles of bringing up a family in the new land. There are also other issues dealing with race and religion which I found interesting. I love a book that also deals with facts and mentions real people such as Caroline Chisholm, it gives an insight of how the early Australians forged this great country.
I really enjoyed this book and if you want to learn more about Australia in the 1800's this is a book that will give you an insight into the era.


Marianne said...

Sounds like a great book, Jenny. Thanks for your enlightening and interesting review. This is going on my tbr list

Shelleyrae said...

I was fascinated by Caroline Chisholms story when I studied it, so its interesting that the protagonist in this series has some interaction with her. I am glad you enjoyed the title
Thank you for sharing your review for the AWW challenge

Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

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