3 January 2012

Book review: Snowflake Bride by Jillian Hart

Book Description:
Grateful when she's hired as the Davises' maid, Ruby Ballard vows to help save her family's farm. There's just one problem: the boss's handsome son, Lorenzo. He makes her forget family duty, forget her lowly place, even forget her friends who are in love with him! But his love is a gift that could never be hers—not even for Christmas. 

Lorenzo knows Ruby is the only woman he could marry. Yet the quiet beauty refuses his courtship. As the holidays approach, he will make both their wishes come true, when he claims her at last as his snowflake bride.

My Review:
I loved this story. Ruby is a strong girl trying to help her family who have fallen on hard times and are struggling to hold on to the farm. Lorenzo is the son of a wealthy farmer who is sweet on Ruby. I love Rubys spirit and the way gets a job with Lorenzos family and works as hard as she can. She may not have much but she does the best she can. I love how she cares for her friends and puts them first over her own feelings. There is a rich girl in the book who has been in the others as well who is nasty. There were times I wanted to hit her cos of her cruel taunts. I hope she will have a change of heart by the end of this series. The story deals with hope, love and family loyalty as well as acceptance. This is one of my top ten reads for the year.

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