15 January 2012

Book Review Clara and the Cowboy by Erica Vetsch

From his abusive, alcoholic father to the townspeople who treat him as if he's cut from the same cloth, to the insecurities that fill his own head, nothing Alec ever does is good enough. So how can he possibly let himself be in love with the boss's daughter? Any why on earth would she have declared her love for him? When Clara's life is threatened by dangerous cattle rustlers, will Alec finally discover the answers he's been seeking? If he lets go of the past, can he trust God for the future?

My Review:
I got this book last year when in Adelaide in a bundle of 10 heartsong present books. I had read another one by Erica and enjoyed it so was keen to read this one. I loved it from page one. I really felt for Alec he has had a hard life with his father being the town drunk and always in trouble. The town brands Alec and his brothers with the same brush as his father. He feels he is not good enough for Clara who has just come back from Boston. Things change when they find cattle are missing and Clara gets into trouble.  There were times I wanted to shake some sense into Alec and make him see he isn't his father and he has changed. The book deals with self worth, stubbornness, trust. It was a book I didn't want to put down and really loved. 

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